AceDB Administration and Curation

For more basic information on AceDB, see AceDB User Documentation.

For information about using AceDB from other software, or on extending AceDB, see developers' documentation and Extensions and Interfaces.

As well as documentation written by the developers, there is documentation about AceDB on various other sites.

Internal documentation

These pages have been compiled to help administrators or curators of Acedb databases.

Virtual Sequence construction using the SMap and Feature tags

This document describes the SMap tags and other AceDB "magic" tags that are used by AceDB to contruct and process virtual sequences.

Database Tasks




Socket server:

We have a AceDB training manual draft, designed to go with the training courses run by the HGMP Resource Centre (in PostScript, download and send to a PostScript printer).

External documentation

help on tace
Configuration Guide

Ace files

Loading data into ACEDB
Conversion Tools

The AcePerl documentation may also be useful here, as may some of the more general interfaces documentation.

For the API, see the developer's documentation.


Syntactic Definitions
Constructed types

Display configuration

magic tags
magic tags summary


II. Installation guide