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Build Version Compiled Test results
Daily (RELEASE.EXPERIMENTAL) 4.9.62 Jan 31 2014 00:00:52 60%
Monthly (RELEASE.2012_11_07) 4.9.60 Nov 7 2012 13:56:27 ??%
Supported (RELEASE.2007_07_06) 4.9.39 Jul 6 2007 10:53:48 100%

Explanation of table columns

We have three builds current at any time: the overnight, monthly, and supported builds, as explained on our Downloads page.
This is the version code for that build of AceDB; this is used to identify which version of AceDB a feature or bug is found in.
This is the date and time of compilation for this version.
Test results
These tests are run by our automatic AceDB test harness, Aquila. The percentage reported is how many of the tests in the script produced the same result as the current supported version -- hence this is always 100% for the supported version. This figure comes from a new version of Aquila, and the means by which tests are counted as passes and fails still needs some work, so don't be alarmed if things aren't 100% when you'd expect them to be. The page linked from the percentage pass rate is the test report in full, with one line for each part of each test -- see How to interpret Aquila results -- and has a link to the script and the actual output for each test. You are welcome to write new tests and send them to us for us to include in the collection.