is a perl module for marking up Aceobj's (from with html for displaying on the World Wide Web. Three routines are used for this formatting:

External Markup

The main feature of this module is the system for adding links to external data sources. Each rule specifies what objects to mark up, and what URL(s) to add at a specific point within the object. All external links are added as a marked up name listed within brackets after the node that matched the rule, rather than marking up the node itself. This makes it clear what information is in the database itself and what is external. It is also possible to provide multiple links at any given node; in fact, different rules may apply to the same node. The rules must supply the name to appear for the link along with the form for the URL to use.

The rule files are in perl, and should evaluate to a reference to a list (ie, [ ... ]). Each rule, in turn, is a reference to an associative array with the the following keys and values:

Some of these are optional: if root is omitted, only the branch condition is checked, and omitting branch cuases the root node to be marked up. The keys routine is required only if the value of the node and the value of the root node are not sufficient to complete the URL. For more information about markup rules, see our paper ( A World-Wide Web Server for ACEDB based on Tace) from the ACE'95 conference proceedings, though there have been several changes. The most important of the changes is that subroutines are now allowed as matching criteria, instead of only as the value for keys. Also, now has less cryptic methods for accessing acedb objects. Several example rules are listed in mendel.emr, which is used for adding links to the Mendel database on AGIS.

Finally, note that contains a fair amount of code which is specific to AGIS, and relies upon other homegrown library routines. A future development may be to change to use a standard library of html/WWW routines, such as