About AboutDB

AboutDB, the ACEDB database database (deliberate doubling :-) is now on the 'web:


Background and guiding ideas:

AboutDB was conceived and provisionally implemented during the recently finished Ace94 workshop in St Mathieu de Treviers, outside of Montpellier, France. AboutDB collects information on all aspects of the developement and use of the database manager ACEDB, such as:

AboutDB is implemented in ACEDB (what else) and it is aimed at people with at least some experience of ACEDB, such as programmers, curators and advanced users.

The data is the same as it was July 15, when the workshop finished, and thus not really curated yet. I will try to update some of the information over the next few weeks. During this time the data and probably the models will change daily ...

There is a very simple form for submitting data to the database. This will also be enhanced in the near future.

If you have any comments, questions, gripes, ideas about the database, if you have data sets or corrections to data that should be in the database, or if you want to volunteer to take on some of the curation (please!), do not hesitate to contact me.

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