1995 ACEDB Conference and Workshop Proceedings

The 1995 ACEDB Conference and Workshop was held May 14-27 at the Isis Oasis Conference and Retreat Center in Geyserville, California.

The main goal of the three day ACEDB Conference (May 14-17) was information exchange. It featured tutorials, oral presentations, posters, on-line demonstrations, and discussions. The goals of the ten day ACEDB Workshop following the conference (May 18-27) were code development and consolidation, database building, documentation writing, special interest group discussions, and long range planning.

Since its introduction in 1991 for the C. elegans research community, ACEDB has been adopted by a number of diverse organizations and individuals to maintain and distribute data on over forty different genomes, including human, bovine, Drosophila, yeast, mycobacteria, Arabidopsis, grains, trees, and fungi. ACEDB has become one of the most successful examples of collaborative software for genome research. Annual meetings have been a key ingredient in building and maintaining this growing international community of ACEDB users, curators, and developers. See this community at work and play in conference photographs provided by Frank Eeckman and Nomi Harris and Dave Matthews.

Numerous individuals have contributed to these proceedings. Special thanks to the folks at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory who organized the 1995 ACEDB Conference and Workshop. Send additions or suggestions about these proceedings to help@probe.nalusda.gov


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