ACEDB Query Language Examples

These ACEDB Query Language examples were developed as exercises for the 1995 CIMMYT Workshop using the GrainGenes and MaizeDB databases.


Find all genes beginning with 'adh'
[ACE query: 'find Gene adh*']
Find all genes known in Aegilops
[ACE query: 'find Gene *Aegilops*']
Find all germplasm entries from CIMMYT
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Data_source=CIMMYT']
Find all germplasm entries from CIMMYT developed in Brazil (see ?Germplasm Thornbird for an example)
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Data_source=CIMMYT & Development_site=BRA']
Find genes that are in both wheat and rye.
[ACE query: 'find Gene_class Gene=*triticum* & Gene=*secale*']
find all restriction enzymes whose target site contains CTCG
[ACE query: 'find Restriction Site=*CTCG*']
Find all probes with restriction enzyme pstI, from species other than Triticum spp.
[ACE query: 'find Probe insert_enzyme=pstI & source_species != *triticum*']
Find all colleagues in Cyprus.
[ACE query: 'find Colleague Mail=*cyprus*']
Find all colleagues with multiple e-mail addresses.
[ACE query: 'find Colleague COUNT E_mail > 1']
Why doesn't this work? Find all alleles not listed in the Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat.
[ACE query: 'find Allele ! Information_source = "Catalogue*"']
Find alleles referred to in articles about dipeptidase.
[ACE query: 'find Reference Title="*dipeptidase*" ; follow Allele' ; notice that 'find Allele Reference = "*dipeptidase*"' will not work, since -T was used with ?Reference]
Find alleles referred to in articles about chlorosis which mention more than one allele.
[ACE query: 'find Reference Title = "*chlorosis*" & COUNT Allele > 1 ; follow Allele']
Find authors who write about Puccinia striiformis
[ACE query: 'find Reference Title = "*Puccinia striiformis*" ; follow Author']
Find authors who wrote in Euphytica in 1989
[ACE query: 'find Reference Journal=Euphytica & Year=1989 ; follow Author']
What journals has G. Doussinault published in?
[ACE query: 'find Author "Doussinault G" ; follow Paper ; follow Journal']
Who works at the Welsh Plant Breeding Sta.?
[ACE query: 'find Colleague Mail = "*Welsh Plant Breeding Sta*"']
Whose personal data was last updated in 1991?
[ACE query: 'find Colleague Last_update = *91*']
Which collections have more than 3 curators?
[ACE query: 'find Collection COUNT Curator > 3']
What growing environments had dry soil?
[ACE query: 'find Environment Remarks = "*soil dry*"']
What environments had N or P2O5 applied, but not both?
[ACE query: 'find Environment N_applied=Yes ^ P2O5_applied=Yes']
Find all the genes on chromosome 6H of barley.
[ACE query: 'find Gene Chromosome=6H']
Find all genes present on multiple chromosomes.
[ACE query: 'find Gene COUNT Chromosome > 1']
Which gene classes pertain to awns?
[ACE query: 'find Gene_class = *awn*']
Which glutenin subunits are in germplasm Cologna (1)?
[ACE query: 'find Gene_product Germplasm = "Cologna (1)"' or 'find Germplasm "Cologna (1)" ; follow Gene_product']
What germplasm was developed in Algeria?
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Development_site="algeria"']
What germplasm was released before 1950?
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Date_of_release < 1950*']
What germplasm is in the USDA/ARS/NSGC collection?
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Collection_and_ID = "USDA/ARS/NSGC"']
What are the progeny of PI178383?
[ACE query: 'find Germplasm Pedigree="*PI178383*"']
What images of mites are in the database?
[ACE query: 'find Image "*mite*"']
What references have pictures of ergot?
[ACE query: 'find Reference Image="*ergot*"' or 'find Image "*ergot*" ; follow Reference']
What references are cited in the Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat? (hint: look up the catalogue first, since the -T option was used)
[ACE query: 'find Reference cited_in = "WGS-95-1333"']
What probes derived from Avena have been used to probe for at least five loci?
[ACE query: 'find Probe Source_species="avena*" & COUNT Locus >= 5']
What microsatellite loci are on chromosome 7B of wheat?
[ACE query: 'find Locus Microsatellite & Chromosome=7B']
What probes were used for RFLPs which Michael Gale has mapped on chromosome 1A of wheat?
[ACE query: 'find Locus Map="Ta-Gale-1A" ; follow Probe']
What loci are not in common between the Kyoto and Devos maps?
[ACE query: 'find Locus Map="*Kyoto*" ^ Map="*Devos*"']
What map sets of barley were of a cross with Betze?
[ACE query: 'find Map_Data=Barley* & male_parent=Betze | female_parent=Betze
What fungi infect oats?
[ACE query: 'find Pathology Type=Fungus & Host_species=Avena*']
What fungi infect oats only?
[ACE query: 'find Pathology Type=Fungus & Host_species=Avena* & COUNT Host_species=1']
What restriction enzymes have been used for RFLP mapping, using probe CDO281? [ACE query: 'find Probe CDO281 ; follow Polymorphism ; follow Enzyme']
What sequences will not be cut by EcoRI (in the known portions, at least)?
[ACE query: 'find Sequence Sequence != "*GAATTC*"']
What pathogenic species did Linnaeus describe?
[ACE query: 'find Species Authority="(Linnaeus)" ; follow Synonym ; Causes']
What traits are affected by multiple gene classes?
[ACE query: 'find Trait COUNT Gene_class > 1']
What germplasm scored more than 50 in the study 1,000 kernel weight, ISWYN24?
[ACE query: 'find Trait_scores Trait_study="1,000 kernel weight, ISWYN24" & Score > 50 ; follow Germplasm']


What gene products are involved in glycolysis?
[ACE query: 'find Gene_product Metabolic_Pathway=Glycolysis']
What genes code for these products?
[ACE query: 'find Gene_product Metabolic_Pathway=Glycolysis ; follow Made_by']
Find loci associated with silk
[ACE query: 'find Locus Fullname=*silk*']
What QTL candidates are on likage group 9?
[ACE query: 'find Locus Type="QTL Candidate" & Linkage_Group=9']
What yellow kernel stocks are resistant to Peronosclerospora sorghi?
[ACE query: 'find Stock Phenotype="yellow kernel" & Phenotype="resistant to Peronosclerospora sorghi"']