On-line help:

* Select Help in the pop-up menu.

The program opens a help window describing the buttons and menu options available in a text window.

The following buttons are available at the top of the window:

Quit: leave help

Help: displays the first page of the on-line help.

Print: prints the contents of the window (unavailable on some systems).

Menu: lists the available help topics (a topic can then be selected by clicking on its name).

Page Up: displays the previous topic in the on-line help.

Page Down: displays the next page in the on-line help.

Push and Pop: pushes the help window to the background or brings it to the foreground (may not work on some systems).

These functions are also available in the pop-up menu.

* Scroll through the help page using the scroll bar on the left.

* Select Quit in the pop-up menu to leave help.

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