Query by example:

This search utility allows the formulation of queries by `filling in the blanks' in a `form'. The following example demonstrates how to formulate a query to retrieve all the catalogued alleles of the gene `lon-2'.

* Click on the Clear button in the Query Commands window.

* Click on the By Example button.

Since the class `Paper' was the last one searched, the `form' to retrieve objects of this class appears.

The `form' contains a series of blank fields corresponding to the various items which may appear in a text object window describing a paper.

* Click with the right mouse button on the Class: box (currently containing the word Paper).

A long menu appears listing all the available classes.

Note: users without large screens may not be able to access the bottom of the menu.

* Select the menu option Allele.

The window now contains a `blank' description of an allele object.

* Click on the field labelled Gene and type lon-2 <return>.

* Bring the Query Commands window to the foreground by clicking on the Command Edit button.

The query entry box now contains the search request:

Find Allele Gene = "lon-2".

* Click on the query entry box and press <return> to start the search.

* Have a look at the entries retrieved by the query.

* To close the Query by Example window, click on the Quit button.

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