BovBase and BadBase

Andre Eggen and Frank Samson, of the Laboratoire de Genetique Biochimique (INRA) kindly provided the following descriptions of BovBase and BadBase.


BovBase is an ACeDB version of the BOVMAP database. BOVMAP is a public database, which contains information on mapped genes and markers in cattle. The structure of data has been established in order to offer to the scientific community involved in genetics of the cattle species the easiest and largest access to the information on loci, alleles, genetic or physical maps, polymorphisms and homologies (comparative mapping). In addition, BOVMAP contains information on probes, primers, contacts, and the bibliography. BOVMAP has been implemented on a UNIX server at the INRA research center of Jouy-en-Josas using the relational database managing system ORACLE and a user interface is developed with C-Scape tool in C language. The ACeDB-version (BovBase) is very useful in order to display genetic maps, specialy with the multimap function.

Andre Eggen
Laboratoire de Genetique Biochimique. INRA.


BadBase is an adaptation of ACeDB we wrote for Bacillus subtilis sequences and genetic map. BadBase is accessible through X interface and our Web server. It's the ACeDB version of MadBase (Microbial ADvanced data Base), designed on ORACLE, interfaced to a Web server, and created for managing microbial sequences and genetic cards. Bacterial sequences data are automatically loaded from Genbank. For bacillus subtilis, we expect to use the sequences set built by Ivan Moszer from Pasteur Institute and we generate ourselves and diffuse a flat file for the genetic map.

Franck Samson
Laboratoire de Genetique Microbienne. INRA.