ACEDB FAQ Contributions

All curators and developers of ACEDB projects are encouraged to contribute a paragraph describing their work to the Frequently Asked Questions document.

You do not have to have a database ready for release or even in local use. Here's a sample entry:

Database : Orcdb
Species : Homo troglodytus
Availability : Under development
Curator : Bilbo Baggins
Contact :
You can add any tags or data that you like. The FAQ is updated monthly, and you can resubmit a paragraph as often as you like.

If you have multiple databases, feel free to submit a paragraph for each.

Send it to:
You can retrieve the current FAQ from as pub/usenet/news.answers/acedb-faq
and other fine anonymous ftp repositories.

Also available as hypermedia on the World Wide Web as


David E. Matthews, Ph.D.       Email:
Cornell University
Dept. Plant Breeding and Biometry
409 Bradfield Hall                            Phone: 607-255-9951 (Voice)
Ithaca, New York 14853, USA                          607-255-6683 (Fax)