For Newcomers to ACEDB

Suggested Reading List

If you are new to ACEDB, you might want to read the following documents first. If you want to ftp any of them, the archive is HERE.

General Information

For a quick overview of who is using ACEDB and many other issues, consult the ACEDB Frequently Asked Questions list.

For a non-technical and general look at the ACEDB system, see ACEDB, A Tool for biological information. by Cherry and Cartinhour.

User's Manuals

An Introduction to ACeDB: For AAtDB, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database is an html version of the hardcopy manual by Sam Cartinhour, Mike Cherry, and Howard Goodman, but extensively revised by John Morris to bring it up to date with respect to ACEDB version 3.x. It is available in the ftp archive as introaatdb.tar.

Mary O'Callaghan's User Guide has been recommended by several users. It is The html version is included in our ftp archive as User_guide_MOC.Z.

Another excellent and very extensive manual is the "Tutorial Introduction to ACEDB" by Bruno Gaeta from ANGIS (Australian National Genomic Information Service) based on software version 2.0. It has been recently revised for improved presentation via html. The manual is in the ftp archive (angistute_html.tar)