Configuring webace (webace is available by ftp)

Compiling acedb

For instructions on how to compile acedb, see the acedb installation guide.

Setting up aceserver with rpc

Refer to the installation guide for aceserver, specifically the section on installing aceserver to run as inetd daemon.

Compiling aceclient into perl

See the aceclient documentation for instructions on how to compile aceclient as an extension to perl 5.

Compiling giface

Included in this distribution are three source files modified from the standard acedb release, to make a variant of giface. This program produces gif images of the graphical displays in acedb. If your database does not make use of these displays, there is no need for giface, or the included cgi-bin scripts, display and getimg.

Note: because some source files have been modified to build giface, you should save the originals. Do not use the modified files to compile xace, tace, or any acedb program other than giface.

To compile giface:

Installing cgi-bin scripts

Simply copy the files from the cgi-bin in this distribution to your cgi-bin, and make sure that they are executable. You may need to edit the first line of the file to point to the proper perl executable (with aceclient compiled in). Note that these cgi scripts use Lincoln Stein's perl module, which you must also install.

Installing acelib

Move the acelib directory into a directory in perl's search path (such as /usr/local/lib/perl). To find out the diretories perl checks for library files, try perl -e 'print join(" ", @INC) . "\n";'

Customizing webace

At the minimum, you will have to edit acelib/ and acelib/dbinfo to provide the information required by the cgi-bin scripts; their contents should be self-explanatory. Further, you may wish to add a set of markup rules to add links from objects in your database(s) to other sources on the web. You can have a global set of rules in acelib/, and each database can have its own set of rules in wspec/ The basic format for these rules is described in A World-Wide Web Server for ACEDB based on Tace.

The script included in this release parses models.wrm, and for any class which makes use of a graphical display, a rule that generates a 'view graphic' link is automatically made for that class. Just type > wspec/ If you would like to make further customizations, contact JD Barnett for how to implement the desired feature.