AceDB Showcase

This is a collection of projects using AceDB. It's not meant to be an exhaustive list, but just a few examples to help those wondering whether to use AceDB to see what it can do.

WormBase is a repository of mapping, sequencing and phenotypic information about the C. elegans nematode. The database underlying wormbase is an AceDB database, which can also be downloaded for use locally.
Institute Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique crop plant genomes site
This includes WebAce access to a dozen or so crop plant genomes as well as some cross-genome data.
UK CropNet
holds information on 31 different, plant-related acedb databases (including Arabidopsis).
a web site for ACeDB beginners
with two small sample databases that are easily installed and modified. One of the databases is specifically aimed at individual labs, as opposed to big projects.
An integrated view of the human genes, reconstructed by alignment of all available mRNAs and ESTs on the genome sequence, showing alternative spliced forms and annotated proteins. The whole alignment program (Acembly) and the displays (AceView) are run over Acedb.

If you have an AceDB database documented on the web, that you think might be a suitable example, please mail to get it added to this list.