Software Downloads

Please read this advice about a bug in acedb file parsing.

AceDB may be downloaded free of charge -- see AceDB Licensing for details.

AceDB and GTK libraries

Please read this before downloading acedb

Acedb makes use of the GTK libraries and as GTK has now become widespread on unix (& Mac OS X) platforms We no longer support versions of acedb with GTK compiled into the binaries. This means you must have GTK installed on your machine for acedb to compile and/or run, the minimum version of gtk required is now GTK 2.18, most unix distributions offer this level or substantially more recent versions.

AceDB source code/binaries

NB All tar files are currently tar bombs, in that the contents are simply left in your current directory. We plan to change this so detarring the file will create a dedicated directory and then put everything in that, but we haven't done so yet.

There are three levels of code you can download:

AceDB Test Results

Please note we are migrating the acedb website to a new software/hardware platform and these results may be incomplete/broken until the migration is complete.

Build Version Compiled Test results
Daily (RELEASE.EXPERIMENTAL) 4.9.62 Jan 31 2014 00:00:52 (none)%
Monthly (RELEASE.2012_11_07) 4.9.60 Nov 7 2012 13:56:27 (none)%
Public (RELEASE.2007_07_06) 4.9.39 Jul 6 2007 10:53:48 100%

Blixem, Dotter and Belvu

These three programs (originally written by Erik Sonnehammer) used to be distributed as part of the acedb package. They have been extensively rewritten and are now a stand alone package called Seqtools that can be downloaded from the Sanger website software page.

Additional Binaries

You can also download some additional builds kindly provided by other AceDB users.

Add-ons, Interfaces and Extensions

Several related packages for AceDB are also available: