Daily Build

The current daily build (RELEASE.EXPERIMENTAL) version is 4.9.62, and was built on Jan 31 2014 00:00:52.

Download this if you want to try the very latest code, perhaps to test some new feature just added by the developers. But NOTE that this code is not even guaranteed to compile, it is the very latest snapshot of the AceDB development code and you should only use it if you have talked with AceDB developers first.

Test results for this release may be viewed via links on the coloured panel on the main downloads page. Note that since we compare the results from daily and monthly builds against the supported version, the latter will always show a 100% success rate.

Files linked from this page are held on the Sanger ftp site. In the case of using the http links, some browsers may require you to shift-click on the link to download the file rather than trying to display it.

NB All tar files are currently tar bombs, in that the contents are simply left in your current directory. We plan to change this so detarring the file will create a dedicated directory and then put everything in that, but we haven't done so yet.



AceDB Source Code

OS versions

The OS versions for the platforms of this build are as follows:

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Linux:Linux 2.6.32-50-generic i686
Linux 64-bit:Linux 2.6.32-49-server x86_64
Mac OSX:Darwin 9.8.0 i386


Non-server programs

Server programs

Remote CVS Access

You can also get the source files through read-only remote cvs.

Also available from our downloads page are our monthly and supported build versions.