The output of Aquila is a set of results from the tests specified in a script file or the comparison of two such sets. The intention is that as you modify the tace program, aquila will run a standard set of tests against the old and new versions of the program and compare the results for you.

The normal lines of output give the name of the test, the type of comparison, the reference result, and result of comparing the version under test against the reference version. For some types of comparison, if there is a difference, a context diff follows.

Documentation for the script file language used in the pages linked from the web version of the results is available at How to make new Aquila tests.

White space.

There are various reasons why you might examine the output files, but when you do so, be aware that when running in comparison mode, aquila strips out all white space from the two files being compared, and can leave the stripped-out files in place. This does not mean that tace/giface dumped the data in this format. The absence of whitespace is not a symptom of a problem, it's a red herring.