This document provides information on the previous releases of ACEDB for Windows. This information was previously embedded in WinAce.shtml but has been segregated out.

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Note: All releases 4.5.6 and previous are now the 'classical' builds of WinAce based upon Microsoft Visual C/C++ technology. These have now been superseded by a new Gnu C build of WinAce for Release 4.8

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Previous Releases

Release (4.5.6) Changes/Bug Fixes

Release 4.5.5 - July 15th, 1998:

?Url    Url UNIQUE Text // Simple, text of URL
        Template UNIQUE ?Url // use this object as a generic template
        Reference_tag UNIQUE Text // look for this tag in the reffing object for url
        Remove_prefix UNIQUE Text // prefix to remove to make url
        Remove_postfix UNIQUE Text // postfix to remove
        Prepend UNIQUE Text // then add these.
        Append UNIQUE Text

In addition to the model, users can add the following to options.wrm:

_VUrl -V -D WWW

and may wish to put the class name into their layout.wrm file (for it to be visible?). In the present release, ?URL is only partially implemented so is not very useful. This notice merely provides an opportunity for users to consider using the ?URL class and begin building their models and databases accordingly. Full ?URL functionality should be available in the next release or so.

A new ?Script class alternative to Pick_Me_to_Call scripting functionality is under development. Unfortunately, due to technical constraints (shell "pipes" don't seem to work properly under "graphics" Winace?), STDIN/STDOUT scripts must read and write from redirected files, not directly from STDIN or STDOUT. Thus, ACEDB writes to such a file, then invokes a script, then reads the results. For example, this new class can be used to run Perl scripts. (Of course, to run Perl for NT, you must have it properly installed on your machine)

A new ?Script class model is now available for ACEDB for Windows, which has the following form and semantics (tags currently implemented or which may be implemented). Users wishing to use this class must explicitly add it into their wspec\models.wrm file:

?Script Program     Text	// name of an application program, e.g. "perl"
        Options     Text	// program option (command line switches)
        Script      Text	// Name of perl script (located in wperl)
        Directory   Text	// Working Directory (for data only)
        Args        Switches Text // Commandline switches understood by the script 
		    Input    Prompt_User_Input	// Prompt user for input source filename
                             Input_File    Text	// Input file name, of data 
                                                // in form "Input_Format"
                             Input_Format UNIQUE TextIn	// Text only input
                                                 AceIn	// Ace file input
                                                 FastaIn// Fasta Sequence formatted input
                    Output   Prompt_User_Output		// Prompt user for output target filename
                             Output_File          Text	// Output file name
                             Output_Format UNIQUE TextOut // Text only output
                                                  AceOut // Ace file output, 
                                                        // automatically read back into ACEDB for Windows
                                                  FastaOut // Fasta output
        Display     Completion_Message Text // User specified completion dialog message 
                    Graph	            // If Output is "AceOut", display single objects
					    // in their default display; 
                                            // multiple "type B" objects

In addition to the model, users can add the following to options.wrm:

_VScript -V -D SCRIPT

and may wish to put the class name into their layout.wrm file (for it to be visible?). Users then create the scripts and the ?Script objects in ACEDB for Windows to run them. Stay tuned for future developments which will permit "pipelining" of scripts.

Release 4.5.4 - May 1st, 1998

Crash Bug Fixes

Environment Parameter Data

  • WinAce now stores parameter data in the Win32 system registry, under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WinAce/<DatabaseName>". The "DatabaseName" can (and should) now be given on the command line only (not as an environment "SET")as "DATABASE=<DatabaseName>"; WHEN GIVEN, IT SHOULD BE THE FIRST COMMANDLINE ENVIRONMENT PARAMETER GIVEN. If no database name is given, "Acedb" is the default database designation, which should not present a problem for most users, since most users generally access only a single database on their machine; if you wish to access more than one database on your machine, it is mandatory that you designate a unique DATABASE parameter for each database (although, you can use the default value for one of your databases). All other command line environment specifications are now written immediately to the system registry, possibly replacing previous values.
  • Bug Fixes

    Keyset "Add-Remove" state would persist after dismissal of the add-remove messagebox, under some circumstances. This bug was repaired.