AceDB The Wellcome Sanger Institute

The ACEDB server is no longer available.

AceDB is a database designed specifically for handling genome and bioinformatic data. The tools it provides give great flexibility for the manipulation, display and annotation of genomic data.

Acedb's very flexible schema notation allows easy modification and extension of data relationships by simple editing of the models file making it an ideal research tool.

AceDB is a genome database system developed since 1989 primarily by Jean Thierry-Mieg (CNRS, Montpellier) and Richard Durbin (Wellcome Sanger Institute). It provides a custom database kernel, with a non-standard data model designed specifically for handling scientific data flexibly, and a graphical user interface with many specific displays and tools for genomic data. AceDB is used both for managing data within genome projects, and for making genomic data available to the wider scientific community.