7 Best GMAT Prep Courses Online

Studying for the GMAT test is a significant financial and time commitment that should not be taken lightly. With all the courses available, it is difficult to know which one is the best. Here are the best seven courses available online, with a bit of guidance on the type of course that might be the right fit for you depending on your study habits.

Kaplan GMAT Live Online Prep Course 

For people who need the structure of scheduled classes, but would prefer to do it from the comfort of home, Kaplan Live online GMAT course might be a good fit. The program offers 18 hours of core lives classes in addition to over 30 hours of elective courses. The elective courses allow students to save time and take classes focused on the areas in which they need the most improvement. The course offers nine different online tests for students to take in addition to over 5000 practice questions to answer. For students who also require one on one training, they can update the program to the Online Plus program that provides 3 hours of personal training time.

One of the downsides of the programs is that it does not have a mobile app for students and the program only seems to work well on a desktop. It would be nice to see Kaplan roll out an app in the future.

The price of the course is one of the more expensive at $1249 for the basic program. The upgraded program that includes 3 hours of private tutoring is $1649

The Economist GMAT Prep 

For students who need to be able to learn on the go, the Economist has apps for both Android and iPhones for students to study on their tablets or cellphones. The online courses are tailored to meet each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The program offers live one on one tutoring sessions in addition to being able to ask a tutor questions. You also receive a membership the Economist when you sign up, which is a nice bonus feature.

The program only provides three practice exams to take, which is on the lower end compared to other courses. Also, once you have reviewed a topic, you cannot go back and review it in its entirety, but rather a shorter synopsis of the topic is provided.

The Economist three-month course will cost you $799, and the 6-month course will cost 1099. The six-month course does come with additional features such as six practice exams.

Veritas Prep 

For students who prefer to learn in an online classroom, Veritas Live Prep is a great option.

The classes total 36 hours and are taught by instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the test. The classes are offered in the evenings, and on weekends, so it is easy to find a class that works. Veritas course provides over 3000 practice questions, 12 computer practice tests, and 12 lesson books.

The online class means you will need to do homework between classes; however, the course offers live homework help seven days a week. The classes last about six weeks, but you will have access to all of the study materials for one year.

The instructors do have live online office hours for one on one tutoring; however, those hours are typically 2 hours each day. So if you have a full-time job, Veritas might not be right for you if you need the one on one attention. The focus of the course is spent on concepts and does not offer many tips on test-taking strategies.

The live online classes will cost you $1450, and they do offer an installment plan of 3 payments of $500.


If you are a student who has the discipline for a self-study program, then Magoosh might be a good fit for your GMAT prep. Magoosh has a user-friendly app for both Android and iPhone so you can access the study material anytime you have some downtime. Another feature that makes Magoosh stand out is that it offers video answers to the practice questions. Most programs only offer text explanation to the questions.

One of the downsides of this program is that there is very little guidance for a study plan, so it is up to you to come up with a plan and then follow through with it. Magoosh also only offers three practice exams which is on the low side. Since there are no teachers involved, Magoosh offers one of the most economical costs programs out there at just $219 for one year of access.

Princeton Review 

If you like the idea of a self-paced course but also would like access to one on one tutoring, the Princeton review will be a good fit. Princeton review is one of the few self-paced courses that have one on one training included in the price. Princeton review also has unique question-answer videos, that tell you why the answer is wrong, but also provides helpful insights as to why you are answering the question incorrectly. One of the downsides of the Princeton review is that it doesn’t have an app for mobile devices which for a self-paced course might be considered a serious disadvantage. The self-paced course is priced at $149.


If doing an online class is essential to you, but the cost of some other courses are unaffordable than e-Gmat might be a good compromise. e-Gmat offers students over 160 hours of online learning videos as well as over 2200 study questions. A unique feature of this course is that helps you create a personalized study plan to help reach your goals. With the personalized plan e-Gmat indicates if you follow it you will reduce the time you need study by 25% and improve by twice as much.

One of the drawbacks of the class is that you will only have access to it for six months. Also, you will need to purchase the practice tests separately. However, with a price of $340, you will have some extra cash for the tests.


examPal is another affordable self-paced study option for GMAT students. A unique feature of this course is that it allows students to use credits to access additional features. So it will enable you to give up a self-paced feature that you do not find helpful, for a premium feature such as essay review. examPal also offers students access to tutors 24/7 that have over 20 years of experience teaching the GMAT programs.

Unfortunately, this is another course that does not have a mobile device app, so you will need to be at a desktop to access the course. The price of the course is $489.