7 Best LSAT Prep Courses Online

No matter how intelligent you may be, preparing for the LSAT is typically a huge undertaking. Nevertheless, before you can enter law school, getting a good grade on this half-day standardized test is a must. Therefore, you should use the best prep course you can find. The following is an overview of 7 of the best.

Kaplan LSAT

No matter if you choose to practice on your own or with a teacher, Kaplan LSAT offers one of the best LSAT prep courses around. Teaching students how to think like the LSAT, and prepare for its new digital format, Kaplan is ahead of the competition in many ways. Offering resources such as diagnostic tests, logic games, reading comprehension, a practice library, and much more, Kaplan is one of the most comprehensive LSAT prep courses in existence.

In particular, Kaplan offers an array of 4-hour core sessions of live instruction, 3 full-length/ proctored practice exams, LSAT lesson books, every legitimate LSAT question ever released, and over 80 genuine released LSAT’s with self-proctoring tools.¬† In short, the Kaplan LSAT prep course has virtually everything you need to prepare for your LSAT in whatever way you choose to do so. Furthermore, the Kaplan course also has different price points. The cheapest is the Self Paced program, which costs $799. The In-Person Prep course costs $1399, and the Live Online course is slightly cheaper at $1299. However, the One-On-One Tutoring option costs around $2599.

  • Pros– Overall, the Kaplan LSAT Review course is one of the most highly rated LSAT courses around. The teaching staff is composed of expert-level teachers, they offer highly engaging review materials, and for those who are taking the classes in person, they offer makeup sessions for free.
  • Cons– Above all, the biggest con is the price. While it does provide students with many benefits, it is still priced higher than the average student can afford.

The Princeton Review LSAT

A review course created using nearly 40 years of educational excellence as a foundation, The Princeton Review LSAT is also considered a premium course for LSAT prep. Offering students access to thousands of practice questions as well as hundreds of hours of video lectures and live instruction, this prep course is extensive, to say the least.

In particular, the course offers access to every LSAT test every released, over 1,800 pages of study materials, over 8,000 real LSAT questions, and over 84 hours of live instruction. They provide students with highly-qualified tutors, each of which, scored in the 95th percentile on the LSAT’s, and they were also subjected to a rigorous interviewing process. As far as pricing is concerned, the Princeton Review LSAT offers a self-paced option at $800, a private tutoring option for $1800, as well as two options in between. Moreover, for dissatisfied students, there is a money-back guarantee.

  • Pros– The Princeton course offers a small group setting of no more than 4 students. Additionally, they offer tutoring sessions in person, online, by phone, and via email, and no additional cost. They also offer an extensive amount of studying materials as well as a variety of money-back guarantees.
  • Cons– However, there is also no app for this program. Moreover, there are limited supplementary resources. For instance, there is no student forum, no reminder emails, and they also provide no additional resources to help with things such as the law school application process.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Offering affordable LSAT prep using animated tutorials and videos as well as personal tutoring, Alpha Score is a great option for those seeking LSAT prep courses on a budget. In particular, this course offers 50 hours of video lectures, 60 full-length exams, digital and printed textbooks, as well as 12-months of access (renewable).

As far as pricing is concerned, they offer a free trial, a premium course for $789, a less thorough option for $389, as well as help with individual sections starting at just $99.

  • Pros– This course is highly affordable, uses real LSAT questions, and has a comprehensive set of materials.
  • Cons– The entire course is designed by one instructor, there is no evidence concerning the success rates or overall effectiveness of the program.

Manhattan Prep LSAT

A course that promises to teach students the test from the perspective of the test writers themselves, the Manhattan Prep LSAT is highly revered for many reasons. By breaking down the test into sections and explaining what is expected in each, this allows the students to take on prep from a refreshing perspective. Also, they explain the difference between those who receive average scores and those who excel on the LSAT. The course also helps people to learn how to isolate arguments, helps students learn the differences between the various types of logic games, and uses a logical reasoning approach that combined formal logic and intuitive reasoning methods, making it easier for students of all skill levels to learn from.

In particular, the course offers 3 LSAT prep books, 20 recent LSAT exams, and access to all previously released exams. They also only hire instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT. As far as pricing is concerned, Manhattan Prep offers an interactive option for $600 or $375 per section. There is a live option for $1399, as well as tutoring packages starting at $255 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.

  • Pros– This course offers highly qualified tutors, they are relatively reasonably priced, they offer high-quality materials, as well as highly effective methods and strategies.
  • Cons– Live courses may be unavailable to those who do not live in Manhattan. They do not offer as many studying materials and resources as others we have seen thus far.

Test Masters Online LSAT Course

An online LSAT prep course created by the world’s most accomplished LSAT teacher, Robin Singh, Test Masters is a great option for many reasons. In particular, the course includes 160 hours of instructional videos, 20 full-length digital practice exams, over 9,000 official LSAT questions, a database of flawed reasoning (offering examples of pitfalls to avoid) online and telephone tutoring and 24/7 academic support. Price-wise, tutoring services are $175 an hour as well as live classes starting at $749 and an online course that starts at $699.

  • Pros– There is a large library of material, diagnostic scoring, and affordable one-on-one tutoring services.
  • Cons– There is no app and users can only access the course for a few months.

Magoosh LSAT Review Course

A fairly new LSAT prep source, Magoosh offers over 50 hours of video instruction, 550 prep test video explanations, flexible scheduling, instructor email support, unique test-taking strategies, guaranteed score improvement, as well as access to past exam questions. As far as pricing is concerned, it costs between $99 and $149 monthly.

  • Pros– Very reasonably priced, you can learn from anywhere using your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Cons– There are fewer materials available than for other courses, no personal instruction, and it has not been proven to be effective.

LSATMax Prep Course

A test prep course that marries dated methods with modern approaches, many consider the LSATMax Prep course to be the best of both worlds. Offering whiteboard video lectures, lifetime access, analytic feedback, flexible study plans, instructor support, hard copies of materials, high quality instructors, and huge 8,200 test, 70 hours of video instruction, 81 full-length LSAT’s, a mobile app, and much more, this is an excellent option for those¬† who want premium resources but are not necessarily interested in one-on-one instruction.

As far as pricing is concerned, is priced between $750-$950, and even offers a monthly subscription for $199.

  • Pros– Very reasonably priced, lifetime access, and guaranteed high scores.
  • Cons– However, there are no physical classes and there is a lack of live instructors available.

Overall, there are plenty of high-quality LSAT prep courses on the market. Depending on your goals, learning style, and desired price point, you should be able to find a program that is perfect for you LSAT needs.