8 Best GRE Prep Courses Online

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is an important test in the application process for business or graduate school. This multiple-choice, computer-based test is generally required for admission to graduate and MBA programs around the world.

Studying for this test isn’t always simple, and it can be hard to know where the best prep courses can be found. Here are eight of the best GRE prep courses online, so that you can study and pass your examination.


ExamPal is a company that offers GMAT and GRE prep courses. You can start for free on the website and even take advantage of the 20%-off promotion that the company is currently running. ExamPal uses the PALgorithm to personalize a course to fit the level you’re currently at, your schedule and the way you think. The program matches the right questions to you at the right time during the course. It also gives you real-time feedback. Prices start at $189.


Magoosh is a GRE prep program that claims to improve your GRE score by at least five points. How? It covers all GRE topics including verbal, AWA and math, provides practice tests, both timed and full-length, and has over 1,200 possible practice questions that you’ll learn for the best coverage of the material. On top of that, there’s a full video explanation for each question, so you can learn from mistakes and improve your GRE score rapidly. Based on your work in the program, Magoosh can offer an accurate score prediction, so you know where you stand. A month of the premium plan is $129.

The Economist

The Economist guarantees that you’ll see a 7 point improvement (or more) on your next GRE test. You can obtain a 7-day free trial of the GRE program by signing up on the website. The Economist’s goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the GRE including help from a tutor who covers every section of the GRE using in-depth lessons and targeted practice questions. The lessons are interactive, and you have the option of studying what you need to know while spending less time on what you’ve already mastered. There is also live support, and you can study at any time or anywhere. Plans start at $229 for a month of access.

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep offers several different GRE study plans including self study, live classes and private tutoring. For the best of all three, you can sign up for each one. The lowest GRE prep class price on Veritas Prep is $750 for self study. The self study course can prepare you to take the GRE within 30 days and comes with HD video lessons that work on desktop, iPhone or iPad. There is live online homework help and a year of access included for the one-time price. Live classes are around $1,000 and come with a Flagship 30-hour course, 99th percentile instructors and live online instruction. Private tutoring is around $2,650, but it is built around your schedule and gives you access to 1-on-1 lesson instruction from a private instructor.

PrepScholar GRE Prep

At PrepScholar GRE Prep, you are guaranteed to have a GRE test improvement of at least seven points, or else they’ll give you your money back. The program offers 24-7 access to the GRE program online, so that you can study whenever you have the time to do so. The GRE questions are of the best quality, and they’re constantly updated to match the latest GRE tests. The PrepScholar program is an all-in-one program that requires no books or tutors. You can access a 5-day free trial that includes an adaptive diagnostic exam, over 150 hours of interactive lessons and a guided study plan. You can also access a progress tracker for your GRE skills. For $38 a month, you can gain access to more of the program including over 300 hours of mini-lessons for the newest GRE and many GRE questions across 72 skill lessons including core and advanced topics. There are practice exams included with the $38-per-month plan. To access the entire course, it’s $345 for life.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep is unique in that it provides a real education for the GRE that also focuses on using work that provides help for challenges you would need to meet during graduate-degree coursework. You can prep with an instructor or go through self-guided work with Manhattan Prep. There are several GRE instructor-led prep options including GRE for MBA, which is as inexpensive as $1,399,  a math and verbal GRE Complete course for $1,199 or a simple Just Math course for as little as $699.  Do you want to complete a GRE math review in a single day? You can sign up for as little as $18 a month and gain 6 hours of instruction time with an expert as well as a post-workshop study plan and online resources. Self-guided options include multiple subscription plans giving you access to over 100,000 practice problems, six full-length GRE practice tests, video explanations for problems you encounter, and 77 full-length, interactive videos. The course covers everything that will be on the GRE and was created by instructors who scored in the top 1%. The process starts with learning the content followed by drilling it. Finally, you’ll take a quiz and see your results.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors features award-winning tutors who offer one-on-one personalized training for the GRE. Lessons are tailored to suit your needs as a student and are offered online, in person and immediately. Do you need to study right now? That’s possible with Varsity Tutors. Varsity Tutors has a thorough vetting process to make sure that you get the best tutor that money can buy. Tutors come from universities such as Princeton, Sanford, Yale and Harvard. Sign up for more information to access pricing.


Kaplan is a well-known tutoring service that offers GRE Prep. You can prep with a teacher or prep on your own through their website. Prepping with a teacher can be done in person or through a live-streamed class. Prices start at $999 for a live online class, but Kaplan does offer at 15% discount for students in September 2019. If you’d rather prep on your own, Kaplan’s Qbank practice questions are offered for as little as $69. A practice pack starts at $149, and a self-paced course starts at $699.

Each of these GRE prep courses is a little different, so choose the one that fits your schedule for the best results. Whether you choose a monthly plan or sign up for a guided course, many of these guarantee that you will improve your scores or you get your money back.